Can you insert a template onto a screen recording?

Apr 10, 2016

Hey there

I am fairly new to using the Storyline software and wondered of anyone could help me, I have created some screen recordings and wanted them to have the same look as the rest of the training package.

How do I go about changing the layout so it has the same template ?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Fiona, 

When you conduct a screen recording in Storyline if you insert it as a step by step, it will be included as a part of the slide background - so depending on the story size you record at and your overall story size you may cover up any other elements added to the background/within your template. You can use elements of the player template still though - as that will sit around the screen recording. 

Is there a specific element you're looking to include in your screen recording? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Fiona, 

When you insert a screen recording as step by step slides it becomes a part of your slide background, and therefore may obscure elements that you've included as a template.  If you've sized the screen recording to be smaller than the story size, you should still be able to see particular elements - but if that is not working, I suspect we'd want to take a look at how your slide is set up and offer some specifics based on that. 

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