Can you leave the LMS Identifiers BLANK?

Jan 30, 2018

We have a client who is annoyed by the display of the course identifier in their LMS. They say that none of the courses they create in-house looks like this. Where is this information (circled in red) coming from and how can we keep it from displaying? 

We thought it was the LMS Course Title and Identifier that you edit in the Reporting Options. But we can't seem to leave them blank or erase them.  We've asked their LMS team for screenshots of their publishing settings for their in-house courses so we can match them, but right now we're at a loss as to how to keep that display from showing on the left hand side for them. 

Any ideas or things we haven't thought of?? 

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Ashley Schwartau

Aha an LMS table of contents! Our LMS doesn't display that (or at least our LMS admin has it turned off), and this is on a client's LMS. We've been brought into the middle to troubleshoot since they think it's an issue on our side. Thank you for the link! That will probably give us some good info to provide to them. Thanks :)

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