Can you view content created for iPad and PC offline?

Jul 14, 2012

I've seen how the Storyline player allows learners to download elearning content via the iPad. Is there any similar functionality for downloading content to view offline via PC?

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Adrian Dean

Hi Walter,

Yes you could burn the file to CD, but you could just as easily email that file or upload it to the web or dropbox, etc.

As far as working on a Mac, using a virtual installation of windows would work using Parallels, VMWare, etc. It's my understanding from the documentation, that you have to use those in order to run Storyline on a Mac anyways. If you use bootcamp and do a dual boot of Mac OSX and Windows, that would work as well.


Phil Mayor


The link you posted was for publish to CD, this could be uploaded as a zip file to a server and the zip file downloaded.  The .exe file will circumvent the flash security issues.  I never suggested to burn to CD, what I did say is that this file cannot be automatically downloaded to a PC, and that you would also need to provide instructions to unzip the file and how to load the content.  This was why i suggested that this was not a good solution.  The other thing to remember is that the filesize  is optimised to CD and you would need to reduce the quality before publishing.

I also pointed out the .exe file created when you publish to CD will not work on a Mac, as the published content will work on any browser and the user does not need to have Storyline installed.  If they would like the content to be downloaded and run on a Mac there is no solution apart from asking the user to alter their security settings.  It is not really an option ton expect a user to have parallels or VMWare installed.

The simple answer to the post is that there is no easy method to allow users to download content to their machines, there is an option but it is fiddly and does not support all systems.


Adrian Dean

Hi Walter,

The link in my post above will do what you want, but pay attention to Phil's posts because they provide insight on the potential trouble that you might run into when trying to distribute the file to the end user. You of course, know what type of users you will have and it may turn out that they have only PCs and opening the file and running the .exe is straightforward for them. Either way it is something to take into account.

Keep in mind that the quality would only need to be reduced if the course's file size is too big too fit on a CD or DVD. If however, you are providing the file a different way, then quality could be set at whatever you would want within reason. Some files are just too big to be downloading no matter the speed of an Internet connection.

Thank you Phil for the wisdom you provided above.


Justin Wilcox

Hi Walter. Playing Flash content offline is not a great solution and really should only be used as a last resort. If someone is online and capable of getting online, then I wouldn't give them the option to view it offline. Sure you can publish for CD and zip that and add that as a Resource but I can tell you that this is not a good idea.

  • For one thing, depending on the skill level of your users, most people don't know how to properly extract a zip file. 
  • There is no auto launch feature so they would need to know to click the EXE file. 
  • Mac folks will have to deal with Flash Player security issues. 
All of these things means a potential headache for you or whomever is supporting the content you are creating. If you really want to create something that someone can download, perhaps publishing a Word version would be sufficient and add that as a resource? 

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