Publishing for iPad - not seeing OFFLINE feature in the App

Sep 08, 2014

I'm attempting to publish a demo module for my superiors to have available on their iPad for a little 'dog and pony' show. In doing this I've put together my content, published with the 'offline' settings enabled, and then tried to view on the iPad.

Inside the App, when looking at the details of the content, it will not show the little slider that says ON/OFF for the Offline option. I can't figure out how to get the module downloaded to the iPad!

Any help with this, please?

And as a side note, my embedded video won't play in the App either :-(

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tim!

Articulate Storyline gives you the option to allow learners to download content for offline viewing in the Articulate Mobile Player app. However, Articulate Online requires an Internet connection to view and track content. As a result, we've currently disabled the ability to view courses offline when they're hosted in Articulate Online.

Tim Jeter

Thanks for the response, Leslie.

So then.... it sounds like this is an actual 'feature' of Articulate Online that's been disabled? That's unfortunate, as I would love the opportunity to push out demo/abbreviated courses to targeted audiences; tracking on these would be irrelevant. It's a bummer to have to go outside of AO to get the course delivered in the way I need.

I'd love to see it 're-enabled' to make it available for downloading for offline use!



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