Cannot click through locked items on the timeline

Jun 30, 2015


I can't believe you cannot click through locked objects on the timeline to reach objects behind, you have to hide them! And you may forgot to unhide them afterwards.

It would have been so simple if they could just pass mouse clicks to objects underneath.

Having the choice to let hidden object appear in final output would be great as well because I think in most cases you just hide objects while setting up your slide, you want them to appear in the final output.

I suppose those have to be  feature requests...

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pierre,

Yup - those are all feature requests, and the hidden objects are hidden on the slide stage and as a part of the published output. If you've locked an item, that is also just specific to editing the slide and prevents it from being moved or removed accidentally but shouldn't impact your published output. 

You can submit the request here, and you'll want to clearly detail what behavior you're looking for and why so that our team can determine if and how this would fit with Storyline's current set up. 

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