Objects on slide master can't be accessed

Jul 07, 2021


I need to hide objects on my slide master from screen readers, but I have a slide where I don't have the option to select the object, right click it, and make it invisible to the screen reader. It's really weird. I located an article in here that mentioned the objects may be hidden. So I checked, but no - they are not hidden, and they don't even appear in the timeline. The slide is a layout under a master layout. I tried on both slides to make the objects so I could select them, but they remain in a state where I can't access them. Can you please help? I've attached the slide for your review.


Thank you!

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Kelly Jack

Actually, the Articulate help desk is working this right now. I had trouble submitting it to the community (I thought) but apparently I now have this open in both places. I can post the answer here once I get it, if that would be helpful to others who may encounter this issue.

I've attached the file anyway in case you'd like a look.

Thanks for responding so quickly, I really appreciate it! :)