Embeded Video Playing in New Browser Window in LMS Will Not Go to Next Slide When I Close New Browser Window

I cannot get my embedded Video that I have set to play in a new browser window when the learner clicks on it to go to the next slide once the video is complete. When the video is done, I close out of the new browser window and then I am back to the same slide that has the embedded video. I cannot get the video to communicate with SL or maybe LMS that lets it know the video is done. I cannot use go to next slide once time line ends because the timeline never starts, since the video starts in a new browser. Any suggestions? Is there a way I can get SL to go to the next slide once I close the new browser with the embedded video? Thanks

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Katie Riggio

Hello – and thanks for reaching out here, Derick!

Ah, there is no feature in Storyline for it to communicate with external videos available at this time, but I'll be sure to relay your thread to our Product team for review!

Have you considered the idea of displaying the video in-slide, or will you need it to play in a new browser window?

Derick Young

Hi Katie, thank you for your reply! The reason we want to display in a new window is so the learner gets the full features of the video site Wystia, specifically the maximize window. When I play video in the slide the maximize window option does not display. I'm assuming because it is playing through our LMS content player which restricts the size. Please correct me if I'm wrong, or let me know if you have any other suggestions. 

Katie Riggio

Ah, interesting! If I understand correctly –  you need the video to be full-screen for your learners, but you don't see that option if you place it on a slide in Storyline? 

If yes, can I confirm what device will be used to view the course, what the video file type is, and what version of Storyline you're using?

If you could share your file with me, I'd love to take a look! You can add it as a comment by clicking on Add Attachment below, or you can share it privately here.

Derick Young

Yes-Correct. We would like learners to be able to have full view option. I uploaded the video to Wistia and got the embed code and the inserted into SL 360 and select play in new web browser. Then SCORM and upload into SABA. In SABA once I play the SL course and get to video slide, I select play and plays outside but does not talk to SABA. When I play video inside slide the enlarge but is gone. I have attached the image of video in SABA. This will be played on all devices, mobile and PC. 

Katie Riggio

Thanks for sharing all of this with me, Derick! 

Hm – have you considered inserting the video as a Web Object, then selecting Display in a new browser window and a Full screen window sizeI recorded this quick Peek to show you how, and here's a link to the output.

Let me know if that helps with the view! 🤞

Derick Young

Thank you Katie. I will give it a try and let you know! Have not tried web object, but wouldn't that be the same as just inserting a URL? I did notice it was still a web embed code, so that should still be better than just a simple URL, correct me if I'm wrong. Is there really a difference though? Sorry, 

Derick Young

I just tested and I think you are on to something Katie! In a perfect world I would like for the slide to auto advance when the learner closes the window. Not sure if that's possible, but if it isn't I still like this now. I just put a note on the slide to click the Next button to finish the course. Thank you for all of your help with this!! Nice job :) 

Katie Riggio

Aw, yay! I'm so happy to hear that, Derick ☺️

How about having an object that instructs the learner to click Next on the slide (without the video) appear a second in on the Timeline? That way, those instructions will appear on the slide while the learner is viewing that video in another tab. 

There isn't a way for Storyline to see what the learner is doing in a browser at this time, but perhaps you could even have that particular slide auto advance to the next one after a certain time period?

I hope that helps!

Derick Young

Katie, I think we are on the same page. I think adding an object would add some more "flare" to the 2nd slide when the learner closes out of the slide. 

For this file using the advance slide at a certain time period is not a bad idea. The only thing is that the next slide is a Congratulation slide, so if the learner were to close out early they would get the Congratulation slide even if they didn't finish the video. I might play around with that though. I am just happy that you figured out the main objective! You found a way to use the pop out, and still get back to SL to continue. Thank you again!!