Cannot Install Articulate Desktop App in Windows 10 - HP 450 Probook G5

Aug 10, 2019

Hi team, 
I found it very weird that I couldn't isntall Articulate 360 Desktop app in my new HP Probook 450 G5 work laptop which runs on Windows 10 x64.

Yes, I do have the admin access and can install all other applications fine.
And I am already using Articualte 360 Trial in my home desktop, so I'm comfortable with the entire installation process. 

Long story short, here's the error:

When I open articulate-360.exe, it asks for admin credentials (which I give) and then it does nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

I tried compatibility setting, switching on/off our firewall & antivirus. But none of those seem to work. 

I have already submitted a case: 01917851. Just wanted to know if anyone else has faced this issue recently

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Harshavardhan Ganesan

Hi Ren, 

Yes. Christopher has been of great help. 
But I've managed to get this resolved by doing the following: 

  1. I noticed in the error log that the faulting error module was "igc32.dll".
  2. Also, my other applications (which were working fine earlier) would now start to crash randomly with the same error in Event Viewer.
  3. This let me to believe that this was indeed a driver issue.
  4. A simple google search confirmed that the igc32.dll was an Intel Graphics Driver.
  5. I re-installed the latest version of Intel graphics driver and voila!

 Next, I could install both Articulate 360 Desktop App & Storyline 360 Application without hassles. 

Thanks for your help. 

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