cannot open .STORY files created in SL1 after uninstalling trial version of SL2

Nov 04, 2014

As the subject line states, I cannot open .STORY files created in SL1 after uninstalling trial version of SL2. Mind you, I'm not trying to open a .STORY file that was updated in SL2. This is still the SL1 version.


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Emily Ruby

Hello Jason!

Any SL1 files that were opened through the trial version of SL2 will not be able to be reopened in SL1 even after an uninstall as SL2 is not backwards compatible. There would have been an automatic back up file made of any of these that you can re open in SL1.

If you have files that were not opened in SL2, then you can still open these in SL1. You can right click the icon for the file and select "open with" then choose the default program.


Damien McManus



I'm having the same issue. I can get around this by opening storyine and then dragging the file to the application. However when I try to open the file directly it will not work even for files never opened in SL2.

When i select SL1 after browsing to other programmes, nothing happens and SL1 does not appear as an option to select in the "Other Programs" section. I have also re-installed SL1 to see if it resolves the issue to no avail.

Have you been able to get this to work, Jason? Any thoughts, Emily?




Emily Ruby

Hello Damien!

When you install Storyline 2, it becomes the default for all Storyline files. If you have ones that are still in Storyline 1 format, you can right click on them and choose "open with" then Choose default program. Once you select Storyline1, make sure you select the checkbox for "always use the selected program to open this kind of file" if you no longer have Storyline 2 installed.

You can also open the folder in which the file is in, highlight the file and use the Open function at the top of the folder.

Jason Kniser


Thanks for the response. I know how to set the default program, however, it doesn’t seem to be working with SL1 after I uninstalled the SL2 trial. Mind you, I have not upgraded to SL2, so once I uninstalled the trial, I’m back to using SL1. Now, when I try opening up the file by clicking on it, I get this…

If I try opening by browsing from Storyline, I can open it without a problem, but that’s not really the optimum way for me.

Emily Ruby

Hello Jason!

When you installed the trial, it becomes the default program for all Storyline files, even after you uninstall it. You will need to reset the default program for each file that is still in Storyline 1 format.

Damien - It does not look like Storyline is installed properly on your computer. Can you try running a repair, or uninstalling the program, then re installing?

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