Cant Trigger Next/Previous Player Buttons from Layers except Base Layer

Mar 25, 2022

Hi Team,

I have seen this issue before on forums and it is quite frustrating. Player buttons such as Next/Previous can only be triggered from the base layer. Why in the world would this be restricted :( :(  ..  Are there any thoughts on changing this in upcoming updates.


PS : The workaround is that i add extra buttons on layers or have layers route back to the base layer.  As much as Articulate simplifies things, it boggles the mind on how some simple functions are complicated

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Judy Nollet

That functionality has never bothered me. The way I see it, the triggers for what happens when a user clicks the Next or Previous buttons do belong on the base. Those Player buttons apply to the entire slide (not just any layer), so it makes sense to me that those triggers are on the base. 

As needed, one can adjust the state of either of those buttons from any layer. And, if you want to control the buttons based on something that happens on a layer, just add conditions to the triggers on the base. 

Personally, I think it'd be more complicated to have click-Next and click-Prev buttons in multiple layers on a slide. I think that'd make it harder to troubleshoot.