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Boneta Morris

Hi Ron,

Thank you for responding to my question. Slide one contains a captions that states "Enter the appropriate transaction code and click the Enter icon." The code is typed on slide one. The Enter icon is clicked on slide 2. I want the caption to be displayed on both slides without it fading out of slide one and in on slide 2. The Transitions ribbon seems to only apply to the slide, not individual objects on the slide.

Thanks again,

Ron Price

Okay - that's what I thought you were asking.  You are right Transitions apply to Slides or Layers. However if you select the object and then select the animations Ribbon, you may see that the object has been animated.  You can also choose "NONE" for the entrance and Exit if you do not want animation.  You may also want to check the item in the timeline and make sure it is playing  for the entire slide.  You right click the item in the timeline and choose "Show Always."