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Dec 28, 2012


because the screen capturing in storyline keeps on bugging out and cannot create a step by step scenario for the screen I'm trying to capture, I'm trying to recreate the step by step with screen shots. I was able to replicate everything (free form text entry quiz included).

The issue comes in with forcing the Entry Text to automatically be selected so the viewer can just type the answer in, without having to click on the Entry Text box. I can't seem to force the box to be auto selected.

I tried copying and pasting an Entry Text box from a prior step by step that did work, but it still doesn't work. Does anyone have any suggestions? Besides using a prior Step by Step slide and changing the background screen.

$5 to the first to solve the issue... well.. Probably not, but you'll have my gratitude lol.

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Cris,

This one is simple, I think.

Your text entry box should not be highest in the timeline. Anything less than "Top" automatically focuses the text entry box highest to the timeline. (See attached story).

I remember cases where I wanted exactly the opposite, and could only achieve it if i placed another text box outside the slide's viewable area (because I had more than one).

Hope it helps,

Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Cris,

Actually it does, but not when textentry is not Top as I initially told you, but when it's placed at the bottom of the timeline.

Now this, creates another problem (since you want to place screenshots under those text entry boxes), for which the only quick workaround I can think of is placing every screenshot element in its own master slide (see attached story).

I have to admit, it's a scruffy solution, but that's all I can think of right now.

In the attached story, I created a faux textbox, outside the slide. You don't have to do this, you can place the instructions caption on top of the slide (I have it in the master slide) so you can get rid of that extra textbox.

Hope it helps,

Cris smith

This is really interesting.... I have a sample where I have the callout boxes like the original sample I uploaded and it works. I saw your sample and that works too. I tried to duplicate your sample and I deleted the Text Entry box and created a new one to see if that caused the issue... it did. It was still placed the same as yours, with the exception that it was a new box.

Thank you Alexandros, I think I'll use your sample and just copy it into a new slid while changing the background. I'll let you know if I'm unsuccessful for any reason lol.

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