Issue with text entry fields not working in HTML5 output from Storyline 2

I'm having an issue with text entry fields not working in my HTML5 output. The fields work fine in the published Flash version. I've created a simple prototype to show you what I'm trying to do. In the actual version of the course I'm building, I have multiple text fields on the screen, and that's why I need to use the custom text entry boxes rather than the standard Fill-in-the-Blank quiz screen.

When I publish the attached Storyline 2 file, the text entry field works in the Flash version (the answer is 1) but not in the HTML5 version.

What change do I need to make to have this text entry box work in HTML5?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Robin.  I noticed that Ryan worked with you in a support case on this issue, and he identified this behavior as a possible bug.  The text entry variable should be able to accept a number character.

I checked using text as an acceptable answer in the text entry field, and using a numeric entry field.  Both of those options worked as expected in HTML5 output.  Check out my example output.

Would using a numeric entry field or limiting your text entry field to text only work in your project?

Robin Coleman

Hi Crystal,

Your example output works for me too! And your question about using the numeric entry field vs. text entry field set me to thinking.

I am using a text entry field (not numeric), even though the answers I am looking for are numbers. This all works fine in Flash output, but that must be hanging up the HTML5 output. The text entry field would work a bit better for my use overall, since I want the learner to enter a comma in the number (120,000) and that doesn't seem to be possible with the numeric field. I'll let my client know about the issue, and hopefully he'll be fine with the number entered without a comma. It appears the learner can enter a comma, but it will just disappear from the field.

Thanks so much for your help!



Robin Coleman

Me again! As I'm making this fix, I'm seeing that leaving the text entry fields as text fields for the numbers with commas entered in them (120,000 for instance) works fine in the HTML5 output. It appears to be only having issues with numbers that are just straight numbers (1.0) in the text fields. Those fields need to be changed to be numeric entry fields for the HTML5 output to work properly.

Matthew Uhrich

I am looking to solve this issue by converting the affected text entry fields that are actually looking for a number to numeric entry fields... is there a way to do this without having to insert a brand new numeric entry field and then making all the trigger connections again?  Am I just not looking in the right place for a toggle switch between the two types?  I would like to not have to start from scratch on these elements as there are several triggers related to each of these fields that I would have to rebuild. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Matthew,

Ah! That would be such a great idea if there was a toggle switch. Sadly, it's not something we have as a feature, but I'd love for you to share this scenario  with our team right here. 😁 

In the meantime, you could add in the new data entry and look at using the Copy button within your trigger panel to copy and apply those triggers to your new data entry.

Matthew Uhrich

Quick question - in storyline, how can you tell what type of entry box is on the slide - the icons look the same when I add new ones. I think when this was built our developer used only text entry boxes, and when you rename them and type "type your text here" in the boxes... there is no way I can tell to tell them apart!

The fix on this is to convert / rebuild all text entry that only require numbers to the numeric entry... but they look exactly the same so how can I tell which were built this way?


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Matthew Uhrich

I wanted to know the difference between a NUMBER entry and a TEXT entry box once you put it in your timeline. I know what a text box looks like and I know generically what a entry box looks like - but since there are two types of this and one has a bug in HTML5 output I would like to know how to tell which one was used when it was built 2 years ago by someone else (hence I don't know how they built it).




Leslie McKerchie

Hmmm, are you saying that you have the perfect storm of renamed items on the timeline and placeholder text?

You should still be able to identify the difference in the triggers panel. Take a look here, the triggers still indicated that Renamed 1 is a NumericEntry.

If I'm still missing what you're sharing, please feel free to share a screenshot and/or your .story file.

Matthew Uhrich

Yeah the issue is that the timeline item, placeholder text, and the variable in the trigger were all renamed from the default values - so the variable isn't called "Numeric Entry" or "Text Entry". See "7.1 1st try" on the file attached.

However, I realize now that upon preview I can tell... b/c numeric entry boxes only allow you to type in numbers. It's a pain to have to preview all... and I suggest an update where these two types are indicated on the timeline in similar fashion to how they are indicate in the menu where you insert them (the icons look different there). If there are two types and 2 options... they should be treated as different things in the timeline! Although the toggle switch I already submitted for is a better solution.

Thanks for your help.