Caption text titles not displaying on iPad

Nov 03, 2014

I created a course using the player feature with two tabs in the menu. One tab is for the actual menu and the second tab is for the caption text (pulled in via the Notes section). The menu and caption text function properly on the desktop with the Screen Title and Notes Section text displaying in the menu for the "caption text" tab. 

The problem occurs when viewing on a iPad. The iPad does not display the screen title in the caption text like it does on the desktop version. The "notes section" displays normally.

Has anyone experienced this before?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Joelle!

I just did a quick test and I was able to rename the Notes tab to "caption text" and it did view on an iPad mini using iOS 8.1

please make sure you are working locally as described here.

Are you publishing to web, or LMS? Are you using HTML5 or using the Articulate Mobile Player?

Do you have a file you could share so we could test this as well?

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