Capture Information and Save on iPad

Is there a way to capture information on a Storyline presentation and store it locally on an iPad? I'm planning to have an iPad set up on a tradeshow floor with an interactive Storyline presentation for folks to learn about our organization. I would like to capture email addresses in the module. I understand that I can do so with Articulate Online. However, I'm not sure about the reliability of the internet connection and I would rather not pay for AO just to capture email addresses.

Anyone know of a way to have users input data and save locally to the iPad they're using?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kyle,

From within a Storyline course, the only supported method to capture information would be through the use of tracking in an LMS or Articulate Online which would need an Internet connection. There is some discussion here about capturing it within a Google doc, but again the Internet would be an issue.