Capturing Answers for Antiquated LMS

Jun 08, 2016

I have a client who has a proprietary LMS built in 1999 that does not have the ability to receive information on which questions a user got right or wrong on a quiz. They can only receive complete/incomplete. They are abandoning this LMS next year, but in the meantime have a project that requires this capability. What are workarounds for capturing the information? My contact said they would be okay with receiving the information via email. Is that the best approach?

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Brian Dennis

Variables are the way to go in Storyline to track learner responses. The trick is sending the results out of SL. That's probably best via javascript, and advanced javascript at that. The email solution isn't much better, as you'd need to build up the email w/their info & results.

I develop fairly advanced custom SL-to-LMS solutions for clients and kicked things off by learning through the ADL examples a few years ago. ADL makes available a feature rich, robust wrapper library that does most of the heavy lifting at

Mapping things to complete/incomplete might be reasonably quick... 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Shannon!

Looks like Brian has popped in to assist you here. We certainly recommend tracking via an LMS and utilizing the JavaScript and variables is not something I would be able to assist in supporting. As you can see we have some very savvy community members who will be able to chime in with suggestions and assistance though.

I bet they will be ready for the new system :)

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