Capturing software screens and creating simulations - Tutorials - Am I missing something?

Jul 03, 2015

I have been working through the basic tutorials from the home page of Articulate and then into the More Tutorials link, but there seems to be a lack of detailed/advanced tutorials on creating/editing screen capturing, across show me, try me, test me.

Does anybody have some advice as to where we can get a deeper understanding be it through tutorials, books etc. which is specific to this part of Storyline?

I have previously had experience with Captivate, through working with eLearning developers, and whilst that product seems more fiddly in comparison, on first glance it seems more flexible.


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Steve Blackwell

There a number of things, but I didn't want to raise a separate query for each of them as they came up.  However, some examples would be:

  1. A function to not show every character being typed in a text box, i.e. going from "this field needs to be entered" (free text or username/password fields) to displaying fully entered
  2. When clicking on a button within the software being simulated, removing the red circle showing where the mouse is clicking
  3. Correcting a single click in the capture showing as a double-click when in View Me mode, but suspect it might be an issue in Try Me too
  4. Adding in Spotlight/Highlight boxes to emphasise an area of the simulation

Are all of these non-standard options which aren't configurations?  Trying to answer my own queries:

  1. Is the "action fine tuning" therefore the only way to do it?
  2. ??  Can't see it as a screen element to be removed or hidden in the layer, nor can I see it in the menus etc.
  3. May be confusing this issue as it splits into two points:
  • My colleague doesn't like red circle flashing twice as it looks like a double-click
  • I have also found that a double-click has been deemed to be a single click in Mouse Tools > Format and the sound is of a single click, is the only way to resolve double-clicks to manually change every one from a single click to a double-click setting?

4.  There is no standard highlight box function and therefore you have to create a highlight standard shape to be used again and again throughout the slides within the course(s)

I assume regular users of Storyline have a Scene/Slide of Resources or something, i.e. Design Elements that are standard and appear regularly, so that they can be used again and again, using Copy and Paste, so they don't have to keep creating it from scratch?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steve,

Thanks for reaching out here - and it sounds like you answered a majority of your questions, so I just wanted to pop in for any clarifications/confirmations.

1. Action fine tuning would be the way to go here - there are some other ideas on how to hide sensitive information that may also assist you.  (Article is for SL1 - but same concepts can be applied). 

2. You cannot remove the red click element - it's built into the screen recordings but it has been something I know other users have mentioned as a feature request. 

3. I think we'd want to take a look at how you're seeing elements that should be a double click showing only as a single click - but as you noticed you can manually adjust those as well, and when using it in a try/test mode - you can also update the triggers as such.

4. No standard highlight element - so you can always add in boxes and shapes after the fact. 

Feel free to let us know if you need anything else! 

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