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Mar 04, 2020


I would have sworn I was able to do this on a previous installation of Storyline 3 a year or two ago.... Recorded a screen of starting an email. If I don't click the screen after typing, the preview shows the entire video clip, but the slides with typing aren't generated.

I recorded it again with clicking the screen after typing. Exported to Step-by-step in View mode. Instead of seeing the typing take place, the slide with typed text jumped from no typed text to all the typed text.  I recall before that in Try Mode, a text box would appear for you to actually type the text in the right spot, and View Mode would point out the typing.

Is there some way I need to change my configuration to make this work, or was this feature discontinued?

I attached the .story file (which lives on my local drive).

Thanks for your help!

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Tennille, 

Happy to jump in! 

I recreated similar scenes in a sample course, and here is what I found: 

  • In Try Mode, there were specific scenes created that allowed me to interact with the slide and type in my response.
  • In View Mode, I was able to view the slides where the text is typed out. 

That is odd that your screen recordings did not include those slides. Is this happening to each project you are creating? Or is it just this specific file? 

Nremc Training

Hi Lauren - yes, that behavior in your Peek was exactly what I was expecting, but didn't happen. I am typing during screen recording. If I typed and then click Stop Recording, the capture stops as soon as I started typing. The only way I was able to record the typing was by clicking the mouse after typing. Then in View Mode, the all the text suddenly appears, and in Try Mode, the typing is skipped.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Tennile,

Thank you for sharing those details! 

Since it sounds like Storyline isn't working properly, what should help is to do a simple repair of Storyline 360. As Lauren mentioned, the Text Entry fields should be generating when you create a Screen Recording that involved typing. 

Give the repair a try and please keep us updated on how that works out! 

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