Capturing user info and quiz results

Greetings to the Community,

Here's the scenario of my project.

  1. I've created a variable to collect user info at sign in. [check]
  2. I will create a form-based quiz at the end of course. [in progress]
  3. I want to receive quiz results and user info in an email. [??]

How do I perform step 3, above, without having user enter his info twice?

Any helps would be much appreciated.

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Matthew Bibby

Hey Monica,

Are you building this quiz in Storyline or using a web object to show an external form?

If you are building it in Storyline, here is a tutorial that will show you how to populate an email with content from Storyline.

If it is an external form, then you'll need to rely on whatever options are available as part of that service. 

Let me know if you need any more assistance.


Hi Matthew,

Thank you very much for your speedy 'helps'.

Though I'm comfortable editing JS and after having read the "Email Client issues", it's possible our employees out in the field could experience email client-related issues. In order to prevent this, I need to K.I.S. (keep it simple).

I'm using SL2.

Again, thank you.