CC button appearing in preview, but not SCORM cloud

Apr 02, 2020

I have several courses that are a single slide with a video. I've added CC to the video (it says "Edit Captions") and I have the button enabled on the player. The slide settings for the player are "Player Default". When I publish to "Articulate Preview" the CC button is there and works, but when we upload it to SCORM cloud or my LMS, the button is no longer there. 

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Bob O'Donnell

I just tested a single slide course as you mentioned and it worked for me. Can you post your file to test?

One note: We rolled back our version of Storyline because the recent updates screwed up a bunch of things and as far as I know they have not been addressed or fixed yet. We kept the Dec 19 version for now because that was stable for us.

Out of curiosity, I installed the March 24th version and published the sample again. The CC button appears for me.

Weylin Miller

Hi Bob! Thanks for the response. It appears that the CC button not appearing is specific to SCORM cloud and appears to be random in when it occurs. It's working correctly in Articulate Review, Preview and our LMS, which was built off rustici's SCORM engine (SCORM cloud) (we just don't update it as often as they do). This is happening for 5 different courses. Unfortunately, I'll have to seek permission to share the file. If I get it, I will share.

Katie Riggio

Greetings, Weylin!

It looks like you're getting great advice from Bob. Thanks for your help, Bob!

Are the videos on layers and do they have triggers that do not start the media at the beginning of the timeline? I ask because we fixed an issue for this behavior in Storyline 360, Update 37.

Let me know if that matches your settings!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Weylin!

I'm happy to help! I don't see any known issues that include a timeline starting and ending with a video, so it would be easiest to test your file on our end!

Would you mind sharing your file with us? You can either share it by attaching it to this discussion using the Add Attachment button, or you can use this private upload link. Either way, we'll take a look and let you know what we find!

Weylin Miller

Now the CC button shows up and doesn't show up at random. We've fully updated every browser. It's happening at random regardless of: Device, Browser, Platform (SCORM or LMS) or course (we have about 5 experiencing it right now). We've had 5 people testing and it just seems to show up sometimes and not others. The ticket has one of the .Story files. 

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