CC Text Typing Bubble Issues

Sep 10, 2020

I am LEAPING on my soapbox here for a feature enhancement.

Recently our company has committed to embracing CC Text transcription in all our courses. Here are a few things driving me CRAZY.

The tab to next caption bubble is great, but why can't you click ANYWHERE in that bubble to start typing? You have to click exactly where it says close to the middle Type a caption, or you lose that first bit of text every time. Massive do-overs for someone who can listen and type very quickly. (Image attached).

MY REQUEST: Make the entire bubble hot so I can click anywhere and start typing.

AND, since I got the information about CC text being 32 characters per bubble as a max for 508 compliance from the Articulate site, how about turning a bubble that's over 32 to red so we can look at it and split the caption? PLEASE don't say you can just limit to 32 on a type or paste because that's just not going to work on a real project. Alert me to the overage and let me fix it.

MY REQUEST: Turn a caption bubble with over 32 characters red for easy review, do NOT limit typing or pasting to 32 characters.

OFF THE BOX and thanks in advance!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Len!

Thank you for sharing both of these requests with us!

I'm interested to see why clicking on the middle of the speech bubble is the only way to add text. You should be able to click on any part of the caption bubble and begin typing. Which version of Storyline 360 are you using? I do not see a similar snag in Storyline 360 Update 43 (Build 3.43.22859.0).

Next, that's a great idea to turn the caption bubble a different color when there are over 32 characters! I've added a feature request on your behalf and shared it with our product team.

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