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Sep 30, 2015

Hi, I have created a slide with 2 check boxes and a free form quiz text entry box. When I preview you the slide and check one of the boxes, it does not allow me to write in the text box. I have also entered the slide and first clicked in the text box and then it won't let me write. It only allows text if you start typing when you start the slide.

  • Is there a way to make sure my user can click in the text entry box  and type a response? After they have selected the a check box or click somewhere else on the slide.
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Wendy Farmer

Hi Shannon

does this need to be a graded question? as you can only have one quiz type on a slide.  So when they click the submit button you are telling SL to submit either the multiple choice question or the text entry not both.

If it doesn't need to be graded, we can customise the slide to accept both an option tick and text response.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Shannon

the reason you can't type into the text box is you have it below the grey background on the timeline so it is not accessible. Move it up above the back ground and you can type into it.


Also you have it set up to accept the text entry when the user clicks submit, you can change this to a pick one freeform question and it will then take the accept/reject as the responses.  You'll still need someone to help with pulling the text into LMS.

To change the question from what it is...use the Insert > Remove freeform option and it will revert it from a question type to a normal slide.  Then do Insert > Convert to freeform and it will allow you to choose 'Pick one'. Hope that helps...let me know if you need help with doing this.

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