Certification without score tracking

Hello everyone

I made an elearning module with a quizz certification at the end.

My problem is that the LMS team (SABA) wants to tracks the module completion (based on the quizz results) but do not want to track the score for legal issues

Is there a way to track the completion status but without registering the score (if the student got more than 70% of good answer then he passed) ?

Thanks for your help !!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi M and welcome to Heroes! 

Instead of tracking by a results slide, you could set it up to track by number of slides viewed and that wouldn't showcase a score. Or, you could track by visiting a specific results slide - and for that one set the score to 100% for every user so that it would show them as complete (or for every user who has previously passed the other results slide and received a 70% or more). 

Alicia Blitz

I just had to do the same for a "non-score" course. We have SABA also, and it has to have a score even when choosing to track by number of slides in Storyline.

You'll need to set the score to zero and use this javascript to finish out the course. One of my team members came up with this script for a series of courses. I have left in her descriptions (//) because they are helpful to someone like me who was unfamiliar with JavaScript. 

1st JavaScript - Grabbing User Score to determine if they passed and then adjusting course score to "0".

Create a variable to house the user score--I have used "passingscore".

//let's grab the variable first -- here I'm just grabbing it from an entry field (Here I changed to what I think you will need...0)
var player=GetPlayer();
var passingscore=totalScore;

var totalScore=0;

Use the "passingscore" variable in 2 conditonal triggers to branch to 2 different places... Passing goes to the next Javascript action (slide/button/layer-whatever) and Not Passing goes somewhere else, and the course does not pass to transcript.

2nd JavaScript

//We're going to leverage the published output method to update status from Flash
//The delimiters need to be setup just like this to jam in the array
//first argument is status: complete
//second argument is score
//third and fourth are min / max
//fifth is passing score
//sixth is type



Since my course was a non-score course I didn't need to adjust the score...it was already "0".

I also had to change my tracking to Completed/Failed in order for the course to pass to transcript. 



I hope this helps you with your course!


M Nicolas

First of all thanks for your answers !


Unfortunately we can not use Javascript code as it is not well interpreted by Google Chrome because of our Information System policy (sometimes js do not run)


The certification must be set up on the quizz results so i can not track number of slides viewed (users do not need to view all the slides before trying the certification test). 

I will try the second solution and let you know

Thanks for your replies 

If anybody has some ideas, feel free to share !