CHALLENGE... any takers?

Ok everyone... I have been working with SL for some time now and I am fairly confident in my abilities, but sometimes you just get stuck.  Some of you have come to my rescue in the past; I need your help again.  I have an interaction with lots of moving parts and I just cant figure it out.  I have attached the .story file and my problem lies on scene 2-Parameters, slide 2.2.  

This is a simulation of how to use a push button controller and here is what needs to happen...  the user must first click the red button, then the "mode" button.  Currently that triggers state changes and layers.  There are two parts to this piece of the simulator that are critical.  A number section and a letter section.  The first thing that should happen is the number should blink.  It should be able to be manipulated by the up/down button, all the while still blinking.  When the user clicks "select" button, the blinking stops and the current value is kept on the screen (I am using a state change and hiding a layer for this currently).  The letter value now starts to blink, and again, should be able to be changed with up/down button, still blinking.  (NOTE:  The letter value will be A and B, or A, B, or C, or A, B, C or D, depending on what the number value is.  I have attached a document with specifics.) When select is clicked a second time, the letter value stops blinking.  Pressing the red button or "mode" button returns the user to the main screen. I have lots of triggers and state changes currently in place.  The blinking at the various stages is what is giving me the headache.

I am not necessarily asking for a completed solution, although many of you like that kind of thing.  I really need good direction, but will take anything you have.

Thanks again...Terry

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Pierre Jouan

Hi Terry,

Here's my attempt, heavily inspired by this :

For some reason, I cannot select the numbers textbox directly...

I've messed a bit with stuff on your screen so some bits are missing.


Pierre Jouan

I could but... I'm on holidays for a week in a few minutes.

I can detail what I've done when I come back.

Basically, you've got two booleans (true/false) numberMode and letterMode that activate blinking on numbers, letters or nothing.

The two motion paths hide then show number or letter textboxes according to the booleans states.

Mode and Select buttons toggle the booleans states (numberMode:true, then numberMode:false and letterMode:true, and finally both modes:false)

Up and Down keys change numbers (by adding or substracting) and letters (by changing content according to current value).

Triggers order is very important.

Hope this helps!