change color of button 1 by clicking button 2

May 06, 2020


I am trying to find a way for users to flag quiz questions to return to later in the quiz.

The only way I have thought about at the moment is to have a flag button that will change the color of another shape so a user knows when to return.  so in short:

how do I 

change the color of 'shape A' by clicking on 'button 1'


thanks in advance


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Walt Hamilton

If they are on the same slide, give Shape A two states of different colors. Change state of shape A when user clicks button.

If they are on different slides, set the slide with ShapeA to reset to initial state on revisit.  Create a trigger to change the state of Shape A when the timeline starts if variable  shapeAStateTwo is equal to True.  On the slide with button 1 create a trigger to change the variable shapeAStateTwo to True when user clicks button 1.

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