Change Course Navigation to FREE after Quiz is passed


Originally posted this question on April 30, but never received a response.  Anybody have any ideas?

I have seen posts regarding this issue, but none seem to fit my needs exactly.....  I have attached a few slides from a presentation I have created. 

  • I have restricted learners from moving ahead until the timeline has been completed by creating variables and triggers.  They may move to previous slides at any time.
  • If the learner clicks NEXT prior to the end of the slide's timeline, a semi-transparent text box appears telling them they cannot advance until the slide is complete.  This text box disappears after two seconds, and completely when the timeline finishes.
  • My presentation tracks completion based upon acceptable quiz results.
  • I have set all slides to RESUME SAVED STATE to try to allow learners to freely surf the contents after they have successfully completed the lesson.

What I want to have happen is:

  1. The semi-transparent CANNOT ADVANCE box should NEVER appear after they pass the quiz,
  2. Allow users free rein to choose any slide from the MENU or click NEXT, NEXT, NEXT to surf through the presentation as a resource without having to complete the slide

It appears that setting the RESUME SAVED STATE on revisiting is doing just that:  putting the user at the end of the timeline on each slide.

Is there a way to set a variable and trigger to change to a different PLAYER after a user passes the quiz?  In this way I can set the navigation to FREE and have the seekbar appear for easier navigation on revisit.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Janet,

Sorry you didn't receive any feedback on this earlier.

The first thing that I want to mention is that you won't be able to adjust the Player navigation and restrictions using variables. However, if you need this type of limitation on your navigation, you can set it up using variables, triggers and conditions. 

What I would do, personally, is create a True/False variable for the quiz, with a default value of "False". The transparent pop-up you're wanting to display, as well as a condition for the "Next" button could be set up when the variable equals "False". 

When the user passes the quiz, they will usually interact with something on the review slide or question slide, or the "Passed" feedback layer of a review slide. What I would do is adjust the variable there - so it will only be adjusted when the user has passed.

You could do this when the timeline starts, when the user clicks on a button, etc. for that final slide or layer. 

When that True/False variable is "True" the text box you have won't need to show. You can adjust the triggers for that box and the "Next" and/or "Previous" buttons.

I hope this information helps. If not, hopefully it'll get you closer to what you're wanting to accomplish.

Good luck with the project!