Change language based on variable

Jul 07, 2015

Hello, I am a total beginner with articulate storyline2, and I am trying to get my head around it...

I am doing a presentation in two different languages. On the start page, the user must choose one language by clicking on corresponding flag. The base language is Swedish, so clicking that will not trigger anything. Clicking on the other flag (Great Britain) will trigger a variable to true.

From now on I will check the variable everytime I load a new slide, and if it is 'True' I will display a layer with the english text over the base language. I have made a trigger on the english layer saying "Show layer when Timeline starts and variable is TRUE".

This does not work. Articulate will still only show the base layer with the Swedish text.

Being a beginner, I feel a little stupid to ask for help with this since it seems to be a very trivial thing for articulate, but any help will be highly appreciated.

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