Can Global Variable Choose Layer with Different Language?

Jul 15, 2012

I need to develop some training for learners in Chinese and English.

I could insert a tiny flag icon in every slide the user clicks to show the appropriate layer with their language I suppose.

But I was thinking (since I am only concerned with the text presented) that perhaps a global variable triggered by user selection at the start of the presentation might be able to choose the user's language layer throughout the presentation.

Is it possible?

If so, how to do it?

If it isn't, any workarounds or suggestions most welcome.

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Adrian Dean

Hi Ken,

Welcome to Heroes. It looks like layers might be the way to go. Below is a thread on how to do it, as well as some examples.

This next thread is on global objects. Covers slide masters and using variables.

Hope these help,


Phil Mayor

Hi Ken, yes this is possible, you could set a variable for language and then on each slide show a different layer based on this variable.

I would use slide level triggers to show each layer with a condition if variable is equal to

This nice thing is using resume these variables will resume as well so the user would only have to set the language once

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