"Change Picture" on duplicated slides


I duplicated some quiz slides (Storyline 360) in effort to keep all states and triggers while changing out only images and correct answers.  When I used "change picture" on the duplicate slides, it did change out the image but did not change out the file name on the timeline.  Now, when I preview the scene and zoom the new (replacement) images, it shows the original image.  

See slide 1.3 in attached for example, though subsequent slides act similarly.


P.S. While you're in there... is there a way to make the zoom icon go away when the images change to the "small" state?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Veronica.  I see what's happening in your file, and I can continue to reproduce that behavior in your file.  I can't, however, reproduce this behavior in a new file.

Can you tell me a bit about how the process went for you?  Did you add objects to your slide, and then convert to a freeform drag and drop?  If you can let me know step by step (within reason) how you built and then duplicated your drag and drop, that would be helpful!  I want to determine if this is a file-specific issue, or if we have a bug we can replicate.


Veronica Nalley

believe I clicked convert to freeform first, then added the images, triggers, etc.  Though I may have had the trash can and thumbs up box before converting to freeform.  

I set the correct answers in form view last, before duplicating the slides,  Once the duplicates were present, I changed out the images and answers.

Thank you for looking into it.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Veronica,

Thanks for that additional information. I tested this on a new file to see if following your steps I could recreate it again, and although I saw that the file name on the timeline did not change, everything did appear normally when I previewed it and clicked on the images. I can't determine why yours is behaving this way, as I also look at importing into a new file. I'd also want to know more about where you store your images and .story files to make sure there isn't any odd corruption or similar being introduced.

Since you're hoping to remove the zoom icon as well, what about making the images larger based on a state change? You could set it to show "Large" state (a scaled up version of your image) when the mouse hovers over the image. You'll want to set it to restore on mouse leave.