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May 15, 2012


Are there any limitations on image Zoom?

I have a layer with an image of a table (.png), and added a Zoom Picture. All works as expected.

It did not show up on background when Zoomed, so I added a white rectangle behind the table, grouped them together, and saved as an image (.png).

Deleted the original images, re-inserted the new image and added another Zoom magnifying glass.

When Previewed/Published - the Zoom Icon does not display, depite the fact it shows on the slide in edit mode.

Anyone else seen this behaviour at all - or got any ideas from these details?


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Bruce! The zoom button will appear on preview/publish only if you've resized the image on your slide to be smaller than the size at which it was originally inserted. So for example if you insert a 200x200 image onto your slide and then resize it on your slide to 100x100, when you add a zoom it allows the learner to zoom the image to its full 200x200 size.

If you resized your image on your slide and then right-clicked and chose Save As Picture, the image was saved at its new size. So when you reinserted the image, it came in at the resized (smaller) size, which is why the zoom button isn't doing anything.

I'd try saving out the original table image + white rectangle at its full (larger) size, then reinsert the png and size it down and add a zoom. That should work.

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