Change picture shows odd behavior (to me)

I'm using a slide with a picture that has a number of states assigned to it (different colors of an electric car). When I duplicate the slide and change the picture (same electric car but shown from a different angle) the original picture does not get replaced but stays visible. The replacement picture is shown behind the original one. So instead of one there are two pictures now (also ture for the other states). Also see attachement (bit difficult to see).

I did this type of replacement before without this issue. Can someone enlighten me on what is going on?

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Geert Jan Geertsma

Here's the Storyline source file. Try replacing the picture on 3.2 pos 2 with the one attached (Basis.png). In my case there's no replacement but the old picture stays and the new one is shown behind the old one. In the timeline still only one picture is shown.

Geert Jan Geertsma

No need to for futher action. It is easy to resolve the issue by deleting the picture, reinserting it and create the remaining states. Updating the triggers accordingly is not too much effort.

It's interesting to know what is going on in the underlaying data structure and how it could occur. Please keep me posted in case you find anything interesting.