Change Selected Object from Online Video

Feb 22, 2022

We have a scenario where we use an Online Video embedded from Vimeo.  The user selects the video object to play the video, but the user can fast forward with the left and right arrow keys, which we don't want.  I have a Key Press Trigger configured to restart the course if the users tries to use Left or Right keys, but as long as the video object is the last thing selected, this trigger won't work.  Is there a way to build in a focus change, or have a different object select at a certain Cue Point.

Again, once they play the video, the Online Video object remains the focus, and the Key Press function doesn't block using the embed code elements to fast forward.  The moment I select off the Online Video section anywhere else on the screen, the Key Press Trigger works perfect.

Any ideas would be appreciated.  Thank you!

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