Change slide area color in Player

I've found the advanced color controls for the slide player. And also this blog and diagram to show where the various colors go and what they are called.

However I can't figure out how to change the slide area. (In that diagram the giant area in the middle where the slides go and it says "slide".)

As far as I can tell it seems to be permanently light gray gradient. Is that the only thing it can be?

I realize that I can change the background color, texture, picture, etc. of my actual slides. But that is what has lead to this question. It is possible to have transparent backgrounds and then the grey gradient shows through. I'm wondering if that is a design given that I will have to work with?

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R Rothrock

Yup. You are misunderstanding. We recently had this problem where one slide had a strange grey gradient and we couldn't figure out why.

It turned out that we had one slide where the background was set to 100% transparent. In this case it was easy to fix -- once we knew what the problem was.

But it would be a nice design thing (perhaps) to be able to work with it.

BTW it only shows up when playing in a browser. It doesn't show when in preview mode.

Also it does appear for a moment before the content loads. Just a flash, but I definitely see it.