Change state after MULTIPLE slides have been visited?


I have a Main Slide with (2) objects that have to be clicked to view another slide for each object. Once each object is viewed on their respected slides, it takes the user back to the Main Slide, disabling the object already viewed.

When both objects have been viewed I would like to make an Exit button appear on the Main Slide to finish the course. Do I need to add a variable for this or can I just do it with the Triggers/Show Conditions?

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Eric Petersen

I would use a variable, or maybe 2 - you could use a count variable and have each slide visited increase it by 1, then set the exit button to appear if count equals 2.  Or you could use two call them Slide1 and Slide2 and set each one to viewed when the user clicks the correct button, then show the exit button when timeline starts if Slide1 and Slide2 are equal to viewed.