"Change state of next button" not saving when I return to slide

I have 2 simple click and reveal interactions in a course. For both slides, the next button is set to "change state to normal (from disabled)" when certain objects are in the visited state.

This works fine, but if I return to the slide later (resume saved state), the next button is disabled. What am I doing wrong??

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Walt Hamilton

"When certain objects are in visited state" seems to work at the exact moment the state changes, but when you return, there is nothing to fire the trigger. You need to initiate the trigger with an actual event that happens. The very most reliable method is to keep track of the interactions being visited (probably with a variable) and at the end of each interaction enable the button if both interactions have been visited.

There is a sample here that does that: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/free-sample-restricted-and-free-random-navigation-using-variables-and-triggers

Both the Restricted and Mixed versions change the state of a button after all options have been visited.