Change State of Next button only after correct checkboxes are selected

Jun 29, 2015

Hi heroes! 

I'm stumped on this one. I'd like to hide the Next button until three checkboxes on screen are marked as selected. I have more than three checkboxes, and if any of the other ones are selected, I'd like the Next button to remain hidden. So far it works, kinda - I can't seem to make it hide the Next button again if you uncheck any of the correct boxes. I know this is a mess of sentences with checkboxes and Next buttons so I'm attaching an example slide. Thanks in advance!

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Jennifer Boldizar

Thanks Michael! We appreciate your assistance with this issue. The file you created helps us a lot, but there is still a function that is not working how we would like it to. With your help, we now have the Next button appearing when the three correct options are selected, but the button remains normal, even if incorrect options are selected along with the correct options. We need the button to only be visible when the attic, roof, and electrical system check boxes are selected and to disappear if any other box is checked. Any more help would be much appreciated!

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