Change State of Object Based on Scene Viewed


In the course I'm working on, I have the learner click on 1 of 2 possible branching options (a symbol and text title for each with a "jump to scene" trigger); their selection then takes them to a specific scene. At the end of each scene, I've added a button which will take them back to the slide where they choose the branch. They are then supposed to choose the other option, to view that information too. I would like the symbol and text of the scene which has been viewed to change states (to a "faded" state I've custom created).


Here are more specifics, for context:

The course is about medical imaging safety. At this point in the course (let's call it Slide 2.1), the user can choose to navigate to learn about radiation or magnetic energy. Let's say they click the Radiation symbol - they then jump to Scene 3. Scene 3 is comprised of 2 slides, with a variety of linked layers, and at the end of the scene, a button brings them back to Slide 2.1. Now that they've viewed all of the content related to "Radiation", I'd like that symbol and text to change states.

How can I set up the state change based on a variable of having viewed all of the slides in a specific scene?

I'm pretty new to the use of variables, so as much specificity as you can provide would be greatly appreciated!



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Alex, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!  Variables are an awesome way to keep track of learner activity, so I'm glad that you're getting yourself comfortable with them.  This article is still one of my faves when wrapping your head around how variables work.

When they reach either the radiation or magnetic energy scene, how is the navigation set up?  You mentioned making sure they've viewed all the slides in those scenes.  Can the user jump around that scene without viewing all the slides, and would that be a problem?

If you need the symbol and text state change on the branching slide to occur only when the slides have all been visited, then variables are the way to go.  If you can get away with the state of those changing to your custom faded state simply when they click to jump to the scene, that's the easiest way.

As a quick example, you could have a number variable, like RadiationCount, with a default value of 0.  And on each Radiation scene slide, you would create a trigger to adjust the value of variable RadiationCount by adding one for every Radiation slide they view.

On your branching slide, create another trigger to change the state of those objects to "faded" when the timeline starts with a condition:  IF RadiationCount value is equal to X (the total number of slides in that scene).

So the RadiationCount variable will be adjusted and reach the required count as they progress through those slides.  And when they return to the branching slide, the state will change based only on the value of the RadiationCount variable.

One catch:  learners could potentially navigate backwards throughout the scenes and still add one onto the variable.  You'll want to account for this possibility, but hopefully this idea will get you started working with variables!

Work something up and share what you've got here!  The community is great for feedback.  😄