Change State of Object when Variable Changes

Hi there, this really seems so trivial, and yet I can't get it work... so I would really appreciate a hint as to what I am doing wrong...

Let me explain.

I have a slide called A with two layers X and Y. I have two variables v_X and v_Y set to False. When the user visits X the variable v_X is set to True. When the user visits Y the variable v_Y is set to True. 

On the slide A I have a round shape S that I use as a link to another slide. The user can click on it to go to this other slide, but only after s/he has seen the two layers. Makes sense, isn't it... The shape is set initially to be in the state Hidden.

On the slide A I also have a trigger that says.

- Change the state of shape S to Normal

- When the timeline Starts (Slide A)

- On condition that v_X and v_Y are set to True.

In other words - show the button to go to the other slide when the two layers have been visited.

Well, it does not work...

To clarify, I am checking the variables with a textbox and %% and they are setting properly to True, so that is not the weakest link. It must be the trigger on the Slide A.

The properties of the slide A are set to Automatically decide - when revisiting.

What am I doing wrong? :)

Thank you in advance


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Bobby

When a slide has layers, the slide timeline doesn't restart after the layers are viewed so you can't use the 'when timeline starts' trigger. You could add the trigger to both layers so that it should trigger when layer X and layer Y are visited in whichever order.

If that doesn't work you can upload the .story file - easier for someone to help if they can see the setup.

Bobby Jourdan

Hi there Wendy

Thank you for your kind reply!

What you say works! However, when the last variable is set to True the shape appears even on the layer. I would like it to appear only when the user goes back to the slide and not while s/he is still on the layer. Does it make sense?

Of course I can use the Next button, but I would like to know how the above can be solved.

Maybe I will just set that the shape appears when the Timeline [of the layers] Ends and not Starts? Or I will hook it to a button...

Thank you once again


Bobby Jourdan

Hi Wendy,

the scenario is actually a simplified version of the project I have. The one I have is with sensitive info so that is why I would not be able to upload it. However, I believe I got the solution. I just need to make the shape appear when the Timeline Ends and not when it Starts. Like that the shape would appear only after the layer is gone.


Thank you so much for your quick help. That solved it perfectly fine.