Checkbox not checking even though variable changes

Jul 01, 2013

I am attempting to build a Progress slide that will check boxes for each section of the course as the user visits the pages and layers.  Each layer has a variable called LayerNameVisited that is set to True when the timeline of the layer begins.  I have set a trigger to change the state of the checkbox to Selected when LayerNameVisited changes if LayerNameVisited=True.  I think the variable works fine in other areas (e.g., I only play the audio intro if that variable is False).

Nothing was working with that, so I set up a test shape on the same page as the checkbox, to see if that worked.  The trigger on the shape says to change the state of the checkbox when the user clicks it.  This feature works fine.  Is it the case that the variable doesn't survive between slides/scenes?  I thought that was the point of variables.  Or am I just not adjusting the variable properly when the user visits?  Any insights are appreciated!

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Rebecca Shamblin

Well, I've figured out why the shape-on-the-slide only works sometimes.  When I go to the Introductions menu and view the layer, it must be that the Visited variable is truly changing.  If I try clicking on the shape after that, it does nothing, because the trigger only works when the variable is changing and it's already true.  Still don't know why the checkbox isn't changing state, though.

Rebecca Shamblin
Liz Guilfoyle

Rebecca Shamblin said:

Never mind!  Apparently I am not the only one with this problem:\

I needed to change the 'When' of the trigger to be the start of the timeline, not when the variable changes.

I was wondering if you got a resolve to this issue?  I've spent several hours trying to get this silly thing to work using various actions to trigger the  check box and none of them work.  I can get it to work using a testing file within the same scene, but cannot get anything to work across scenes.

I am hoping you have had some success.

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