Change State of Slider Thumb


My guess is it doesn't work, but I wanted to ask anyway.

I want to change the state of a slider thumb as I move it along the slider. Storyline allows me to add new states of the slider thumb. I can change the state of an item via a trigger.

However, when I tried to create a trigger that changes the state, the slider thumb is not in the list of items which states I can change. Did I miss anything?

If it's indeed not possible, might be a nice feature for a future update. :)

Cheers, Niels

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Sarah Ednay

Hi Niels

Would it work for you to change the state of the whole slider, rather than thinking of the thumb as a separate item? I've used this to change the colour of the thumb on this simple example, so it cycles through colours as it moves as an example. The slider has an identity on the timeline... here it is slider 1, where the states are, as well as the variable that is used to for the 'when slider moves' action. I guess if the thumb was a picture you should be able to insert different pictures into the different states...?  

Tom Reitz

Hi, all.

In a related issue, I have set up an exercise with two independent sliders with custom thumb images, and associated feedback states. The feedback state icons are revealing as expected, but they do not remain in alignment with their thumb elements. Any thoughts?

Also, even though I have the standard track set to minimum height and no fill or border, the track appears on thumb hover. I can probably overcome this one with adjustments to the screen elements and layout, but if anyone has advice, I would appreciate it.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tom! As far as the track appearing during hover, you could see this setting if you edited the states. You can simply set the hover state to No fill as well.

The feedback via check and x that you are utilizing does not appear to be a part of the actual thumb element and that's why it is staying in the original location.

Perhaps using slide layers may be a better fit or perhaps someone in the community can assist with this design.