Start and End bar using 2 Sliders with state changes

Apr 28, 2015

Hi community,  I'm stuck.  I need to build a bar slider where both the start and end can be adjusted on a timeline.  Here's what I have done:

1. Created two Sliders laid on top of one another, Start Slider and End Slider
2. Removed the fill on the both bars and changed the thumb to green for start and red for end.
3. Added triggers to make sure the end never passed the start and vise versa. (Start Slider = Add 1 to "End Slider" if "Start Slider" is equal to "End Slider") (End Slider = Minus 1 from "Start Slider" if "End Slider" is equal to "Start Slider")
4. Created variable "Create_Day_Count" equal to 1
5. Added triggers to always have "Create_Day_Count" equal the difference between the start and stop.
6. Added 1 - 21 states on "Start Slider" with a blue bar that would appear between the start and stop 
7. Added triggers to change the state of "Start Slider" to # when "Create_Day_Count" changed to #

So everything is working like I hoped except for the bar.  It does not move with the Start Thumb.  Is there a way to make the state be relative to the thumb or is there a better way I could be doing this to get the right outcome? 

Any feedback would be welcome.  


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