Change State Trigger does not work on layers

Aug 08, 2012

Hello everyone,

I'm experiencing a problem with applying a Change State Trigger on a slide layer. What I want to do is to change the state of a button from Disabled to Normal state, after user have clicked on all objects or markers. This works well on a base slide, however, it doesn't work on a slide layer.

Please confirm that my conclusion is correct. More importantly, please provide an alternate solution for changing the state of a button from Disabled to Normal state on a layer. My test Story file is attached.

Thank you, 

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Daniel! Thanks so much for attaching your file!

Looks like there are a few things going on here. Here's a quick screencast that shows what to change so that you can get the triggers to do what you want them to do:

And in case it's helpful to have it in writing too, here's that:

  • The trigger on 1.1 needed tweaking. The layer trigger was changing the state of the next button on the BASE layer, rather than the next button on the OBJECT layer.
  • On that same trigger, the "when" needed to be changed to "when the state of the crosses are VISITED." 
  • On slide 1.2, the trigger on the marker layer needed to be tweaked so that it changes the state of the Next button on the Marker layer (not the base layer). 

Updated file's attached so you can deconstruct if needed. Hope that helps!

Daniel Bolia

Hi Jeanette,

You are the BOMB! I was about to go into my project and create new base slides from slide layers because of this perceived problem. Thank you so much for providing the solution. I love the fact that you took time to create a screenr to explain and demonstrate my errors; it was truly helpful.

We've all experienced the "Cut and Paste" gotcha in MS Office products many times, who knew it could also be a problem in SL. I took the Cut & Paste short cut to create the layer slides and overlooked the fact that SL renamed all copied objects automatically. I have noticed objects with names I didn't create throughout my project, now I understand why.

You've made my day!

Wim van den Bosch

Hi there,

Don't know if this is related....but a while back I had  (huge) issues with Change State triggers not working when copying slides from a scene into a Question Bank.

On a closer look I discovered that even when I made a variable trigger the change of the state of an object it would work on a normal slide in the project...but it wouldn't work when creating this in a question bank.--I solved it by placing the trigger on my master slides.

Anyone had/has the same issue as described? What's the difference between question bank slides and "normal" project slides?

Wim van den Bosch

Hi Jeanette,

I've uploaded the file which has a slide with a timer which works as it should. I created a question bank called Test, and imported the it doesn't work..the timer works..but the visual changes are not seen anymore.

I suspect that the issue has something to do with question banks ignoring objects placed outside the canvas (?)

I solved the issue by creating different shapes on the timeline, instead of using states for this timer to work.

The reason I used states in the first place had to do with the fact that I have difficulties aligning a copy/pasted shape. Which lead me to ask another question: Why is my copied object tiled when pasted....I want to change the picture but have it in the same place!

Thank you for your listening ear


Wim van den Bosch

When using shapes instead of states then the timer is slightly jumping up and down, because I struggle aligning the shapes...that's why I wanted to use states instead of different shapes...since states keep my copied object in the same place.

I must be missing something, but I can't seem to simply copy/paste an object in the same spot as the original.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Wim, and thanks for attaching the file. I see what you mean, and I was able to reproduce the issue in a separate file also. I'll share this with our QA team, since the behavior of the slide within a question bank should be the same as a regular slide.

Regarding the issue you mentioned of aligning shapes when you use the technique of inserting separate objects - here's something that might help:

Wim van den Bosch

Hi Jeanette,

WOW! Thanks so much for showing me the aligning technique, which is conveniently built into Storyline!

You perfectly replicated what I was trying to do and demonstrated how I struggled aligning the shapes! Great job! 

While I was trying to resolve the issue, I DID end up playing around with the aligning options...but somehow I had only played around with the "align vertically" and "align horizontally" options. I am baffled about why I hadn't tried the other options in the list.  You've made me look quite "dumb"

Thanks so much


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