Change State Trigger Not Working

Nov 18, 2013

I have a module with several topics and a quiz. The client does not want the users to be able to take the quiz until all the topics have been completed. I have a main menu with images for each topic and the quiz. The images for the topics are set to change states when completed, from color to greyed-out. The quiz also has a trigger to change from a locked image (greyed-out) to an unlocked image (colored) when clicked if all the topics are completed (true-false variable utilized to mark completed). If clicked before all the topics are completed, the quiz image has another trigger to show a layer with a message to the user that they must complete the topics before they can access the quiz. All the topic images are working and changing states when completed, albeit slowly and sometimes they won't change until I roll the mouse over them again--this may become a problem because the users will be accessing the module from iPads but it's not my main concern right now. The quiz image does not change to the unlocked state, period. I have tried every trick I know, from reordering the triggers on that image to deleting and reinserting the image and triggers, with no results. It is especially vexing because it worked earlier in the development cycle, and I have other modules with the same set up that are working properly. I'm on a deadline and at my wit's end, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I tried to upload the .story file, but it would not upload. Sigh.

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Gina Evans

Hi Daniel,

I think we have lift-off. I'd used normal and one I created, unlocked, for the image's states. You used normal and disabled on your button, so I changed mine. The states changed as they were supposed to. However, the jump-to-quiz trigger no longer worked. I don't know why, maybe because I was using an image instead of a button, but the work-around I used was to put a button (with no fill and no border so it's essentially invisible) over the image with a trigger to jump to the quiz when clicked. It's working so far, knock on wood! Thanks for your help.

Leslie, thanks for checking on me.

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