States and triggers don't seem to be working together

Jul 28, 2016

I have developed a course based on a template provided by an eLearning contributor (ELHC_69_Medical_Template) and am having all sorts of issues getting my states on one slide to behave inline with variable triggers. I have done this many times before without issue, but cannot get this course to work. I checked the template and it also misbehaves... Not sure if you have de-template a course...

Essentially the 4 topics on the navigation slide change to a state of completed once the final slide in each topics scenes are reached. The final slide of each scene has a trigger to change a true false variable to true (with the default set to false).

It all looks right but for some reason the 4 topics states change to completed as soon as each topic is clicked. This does not hold though, if you go back to the main navigation slide (by clicking back) the state returns to normal.

I have created other courses where the state holds true and doesn't temporarily change until the variable is actually triggered. This is a small thing as the learner cannot click the final topic until they have completed all others, it's just annoying and untidy. 

Does anyone have any suggestions to stop this from happening?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Maree

the behaviour you are seeing is as expected...when the user clicks SL automatically changes the object to the inbuilt visited state which is why you see it flash completed.

I duplicated your visited state, called it completed and deleted the visited state.  It's now working as you want, doesn't change to completed until they come back to hub slide.

Only made changes to the first icon

Also FYI you have a typo in the second icon 'building'

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