Change target language when exporting xliff for translation


I've just exported an xliff for translation from Storyline. For pre translation testing reasons, I tried to import it in commonly used translation tool (memoQ), where I set up a project with source language English and target language Dutch.

I could not import the xliff, a message appeared that the target language of the xliff did not correspond to the target language of the project in the translation tool (Dutch).

When examining the xliff in a text editor, I saw indeed that the target language of the xliff file was German. Of course, this can be easily changed to the desired target language, but I just wondered if I can change the default target language somewhere in Articulate before exporting the xliff?

Thanks in advance!

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Evelyn Hamm

Hi Adrian,

it seems like this is also not solved in Storyline 2 Update 9, right? What amazes me is that in Storyline 2 are 5 languages for authoring supportet. So the author designed a german content in a german Verison of storyline 2, but if the author export the xliff the source-language is still "en"! Our transaltion agency does have problems with the Xliff File because of that.

Thanks for response

Ashley Terwilliger

HI Evelyn,

This is still not a set up with in Storyline - and although the UI language can be changed that doesn't have an impact on the content on the slide. I know you've asked a few other translation questions recently, if you need additional help it may be easier to ask them all at once to our Support engineers. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Evelyn,

We don't have a public facing bug database or feature request process, and we're unable to share timelines about when or if particular elements will be included in future updates so I can't say anything for certain in regards to this behavior. Currently it's not deemed as a bug by our team by as a feature request, hence Adrian's earlier statement to submit thoughts on that feature here.