change the cursor shape

Sep 15, 2013


How can I change the cursor of the mouse.  Or can I change the cursor to be an character  created in flash.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Hamzah, 

Creating a custom mouse cursor beyond the directions in the tutorial is something the community may be able to help you out, as it's beyond the scope of our support. You'll see within the tutorial, the following information about when browsing/inserting your own cursor to interact with it should have the following file path:

This allows you to choose from any of the default Windows cursors available on your system, or to browse for any other file with a .cur or .ani extension.

Dan Beatty

I came across this thread hoping to find an answer on something similar. I am building a course about 3D and thought it would be neat to have a pair of 3d glasses, when hovering over objects, makes the objects look 3D. I know how to set up the states for all objects, and to 'change state of' on triggers when 'mouse hovers over' objects - so I'm good there. My question is this: Can I change the mouse to be an image rather than a mouse icon? Like, can I the publisher "hijack" the mouse of the user so their mouse cursor is actually a pair of 3D glasses when it is on the screen of my storyline project? I am trying to avoid the issue of 1) the user using their mouse to first pick up the 3D glasses then have to hover over things. I would like their mouse to already be a paid of 3D glasses. And 2) Doing a screen recording where I have inserted a custom mouse, since that would indeed change the mouse icon but then it is not interactive for the user, they are just watching my house hover over things.  Thanks!

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