Change the Selected state on multiple instances of the same button

Jan 14, 2014

Hello All!

Is there any way to select more than one instance of the same button, on the same page, and change the SELECTED state (or indeed any state) so that all of the buttons have the same SELECTED state?

  • I created a quiz a while ago and used button style #1 (blue, default button style) as a place holder, with an Icon (again the built-in ones that are in Storyline).  I then went in this year and changed the button to a picture fill instead of the blue. 
  • Well, when I did that the SELECTED state of each button did not change!  It stayed exactly the same as the original blue button I format I had used as a placeholder!
  • I noticed that Storyline would not let me match the SELECTED states for each of the buttons on the page, even though they were the same type of button.  I had to click on the first button, click on States tab in the editing area, then click on the SELECTED state, edit that state, and the follow up with the same actions for EACH AND  EVERY BUTTON.  Very frustrating!
  • So, lesson learned: I should have used a Master Slide with the button graphic I wanted to use as a placeholder and then used CLEAR buttons throughout my Quiz.  Learn from my mistakes people!

But, still.....IS there a way to change a specific state for multiple buttons on the same page, using one set of actions, or am I doomed to an hour of editing states for each button?


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Pedro Fernandez


That definitely works better than using the single-click on the Format Painter.   Thanks!  I did not know about the double-click!

But....The icon will not go away.  I have to manually remove the icon from SELECTED state for each button, on every page.

Still, you save me some time!  I will not be making the same mistake and will stick to Master Slides.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pedro, 

I'm glad Phil was able to assist you here, and you'll see that by default, buttons already include most of the available states. Here's an example:

But since the "selected" state is not automatically generated, but adding to a button, the icon if removed from the normal state would update the built in states for the button, but not any custom states. I'm glad you'll be able to use the format painter to cut down on the time. 

Pedro Fernandez

Oh I found another one.  I will post in another thread.

Essentially I will need to use objects instead of the built-in Storyline buttons if I want my quiz buttons to behave in a manner that compliments the question type.

I used transparent shapes and set up a custom Selected state and all is well with the world again.

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