Change the title of a published module.

Aug 05, 2016

I created several modules for a client and they will be uploaded and deployed on the web not an LMS. The client wants to post the link to the individual modules and doesn't want them named the same. They want them to be named: admin and student.

Can I change the names of the file from story.html and do the same to the other extensions as well? If this is possible would you tell me how exactly to accomplish this so the modules will play?

Thanks in advance.

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Debra Beach

So you can change the Title, which will be the name of the folder, but not the file name/s!?
I can see this being problematic, especially if you have many modules to upload to a site. Too many files with the same name can make it hard to keep track of and to know/remember what their content is.
 File and folder names are building blocks for web addresses and too many levels makes for long web addresses. While multi-level folders, or nested folders, can add a level of sophistication to a site file organization, having too many levels can also become cumbersome. My UX experience tells me that wherever possible, keep the nested folders to a minimum.

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