Changes in behavior with increased file size- Storyline 2 file

Jul 20, 2016

I'm working on a course with 4 modules of information and quizzes. I've built all modules in a single .story file. The quizzes are multiple choice and I've placed images for "yes", "no" and "had not considered it". When you select a response and hit submit you will then see a feedback layer for the selection. You then move to the next slide by hitting the continue button.

Now that I'm midway through developing Module 3 I see that after reading feedback and clicking continue for a moment the multiple choice image options appear before moving to the next slide. I broke out a couple of quiz questions to include with this discussion and have found that the problem doesn't occur. I'm assuming the problem I'm having may be because the file is large. If that is the case is there a recommended way (best practices) to interlink multiple .story files to create a single project?

I've attached a 3 quiz question sample. Most modules have around 15 questions with followup slides for "no/had not considered" or "yes" selections.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nancy!

As you probably expected I did not see the issue you are reporting here in the sample file.

Are you seeing this during preview or when you publish the course?

Sounds like there may be some latency of closing a layer before moving onto the next slide. 

You could remove the 'extra' trigger to close the layer and just have the course proceed to the slide specified.

Take a look at your updated course.

Nancy Oliver

Hi Leslie,

Yes, I knew you wouldn't be able to see the problem but I hoped if there was something glaringly wrong in the way I sat something up someone might catch it.

I see this occur both when previewing on my computer (although it's not as bad) and when viewing it from the server. I could send you a link to the course privately. I just didn't want to share the actual site here since it's not complete.

If I remove the trigger on the feedback layer (the continue button?) how could I control keeping the feedback layer open long enough for a viewer to read the information?

Thank you so much for responding Leslie.

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