Question Attempts Failing

Sep 08, 2014

I have a file with two quiz bank draw slides. The bank is set for multiple attempts on each question, but users aren't getting multiple attempts. They'll answer a question incorrectly, Storyline shows them feedback, and then moves on to the next question without allowing another try.

This seems to only happen to multiple choice questions. My true/false and lone multiple response questions are fine.

I've attached my file if anyone wants to take a look. You can also see it online at

The two quizzes in question are labeled "Knowledge Checks." The quiz named "Quiz" isn't a concern as it shouldn't allow multiple attempts.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sharon!

It looks as if you are wanting to provide answer level feedback on these question types, and you need to be sure that you change the scoring to by choice as opposed to by question.

This should allow the multiple attempts that you are expecting and explains why the others perform differently, because those are truly scored by question

Sharon Huston

Ouch, that fixed the attempts but broke the scoring!!! Once I set the multiple-choice questions to score by choice, my scores started doing strange things. I have 10 questions worth 10 points each, but suddenly my grades have decimals, like 57.2%. I did set the correct choice to 10 points and set the other incorrect choices to 0 points, so I'm not sure what's happening. When I change back to "grade by question" then my scores are once again multiples of 10, but that of course isn't desirable because it prevents students from multiple attempts per question.

I also don't understand why the Quiz Bank screen doesn't control the number of attempts on a question. Why should I use "grade by choice" when this option exists? On the same note, why not use the Attempts menu in the question to set the attempt? (See image.) I don't understand what "grade by choice" has to do with the number of attempts. It seems like it's just a scoring mechanism.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sharon! There are multiple ways to do the same thing in Storyline.

The suggestion I shared to 'grade by choice' was due to the way you set your questions up and prevented you from having to a lot of things with layers and triggers. All of your other questions had the standard Correct, Incorrect, and Try Again layers, but these questions had custom layers due to how you had the feedback set, which was by choice.

All of your layers for those questions were set to go to the next slide and were not allowing re-attempt, so if it's easier for you to adjust your layers, you could do that as well.

Sharon Huston

So even though I always set the attempts on the quiz bank screen, layers and triggers that I never touched were in the background tripping me up? Wow. I understand and usually like that Storyline has multiple ways to do things, but this is NOT one of those instances. It seems like the attempts control should do their assigned job and control attempts, and there shouldn't be contradictory triggers on random layers that I never touched. I could see the "multiple ways" argument if I deliberately wanted to mess with triggers to override the attempts controls, but that isn't the case here. I used the dialog boxes the entire time. This happened behind my back without my knowledge.

And it still doesn't explain why my scores suddenly started showing decimals when my 10 questions are worth 10 points each.

On the plus side, switching the scoring from "by question" to "by choice" and back to "by question" seems to have reset something, and now my attempts work, and my grades aren't wonky.

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